The British tabloid titled "Celebrity Jihad" has claimed they have nude pictures of Taylor Swift and she isn't taking that lying down. The singer/songwriter's team of lawyers are threatening a major lawsuit for the already released photos of a topless Swift posing on a bed. Swift's team claims the photo's are photo shopped and completely false according to TMZ. Swift's legal team has reportedly stated that the site contains "false pornographic images and false news'" about the singer, and threatens a lawsuit for trademark infringement if the photo is not taken down.
Celebrity Jihad has yet to remove the offending photo but instead choose to post news items claiming that a furious Swift is "waging war". Although a real nude pic would be scandalous considering the mags ultra shady past of creating totally false and NSFW photos of both Scarlett Johanson and Emma Stone and Swift's squeaky clean reputation I highly doubt these pictures are real.

Taylor has been famous since she was a young teen I'm betting the 21 year old is a little too smart to get caught with her pants down.. or shirt off!
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