Chuck Roberts, a jewelry store owner in Georgia, found out the hard way this week that he shouldn’t leave diamonds where his dog may have access. His pooch decided to eat those diamonds!

Honeybun, their beloved family pet, is often seen in the store and is liked by those who come in. Some customers even bring snacks for Honeybun when they come to shop. He’s a spoiled pooch, however, and likes his treats just as any dog would.

The other day when Roberts left his desk to greet a customer, Honeybun found access to Roberts’ desk and jumped up. On the desk were pens, dog treats, and about $10,000 worth of loose diamonds, around a carat each.

When Roberts found the gems to be missing, he took Honeybun to the vet, but carbon doesn’t show up on x-rays. There were two blanks spots on the film, however, leading the vet to believe that Honeybun was in fact the culprit in this case.

Fortunately for Roberts, the diamonds… came back to him the following day. I’m just glad I wasn’t the one who needed to detail them after the fact. On the other hand, if it was diamonds, I’d probably get my hands dirty.