Do you remember that movie Homeward Bound in the 90's? It is where the pets get lost and they somehow walk hundreds of miles back to their owners. I knew even as a kid that could not happen, well apparently I was dead wrong.

Mark Wessells was moving to a new place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and temporarily didn't have anywhere to keep his three-year-old black lab, Buck. So Mark took Buck to his father's farm in Winchester, Virginia while he moved all of his stuff. This is about 461 miles away from Myrtle Beach.

Well one day Buck ran away and Mark's dad made Mark aware of the grave news. After two months, Buck turned up again in Myrtle Beach.  He'd walked nearly 500 miles back to Mark's old home to be reunited with Mark. He ended up in a shelter in Myrtle Beach where they were able to identify him by microchip and return him to Mark.

This a heartwarming story, but it does make me kind of sad. In my picture you can see me with my dog, Bruce. I know if I took him around the block he could not find his way home. Oh well I still love my dog, even if he is not as smart as Buck.