Insecurity isn't cute, and for some it can be a major deal breaker. A 42-year old Dutch Woman could face prison time for stalking after letting her "Crazy ex Girlfriend side" (we all have one) get the better of her after she called her 62-year old Ex Boyfriend a whopping 65,000 times in the past year, that works out to 1,250 times a week, 178 times a day or about once every eight minutes. WHOA! Who has this kind of free time? Even with butt dials and drunk dials she would still have to not eat or sleep for an entire year to pull this off. She must be  one heck of a multitask-er to achieve this level of crazy. This is Hall of fame level crazy that I haven't seen since the NASA lady drove around in a diaper. It seems like there is always a new Crazy Ex  story we want to hear yours! comment below.

[CBS News]

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