Wayne Richards of  Charlotte NC,  is recovering after falling down a canyon in Utah and crawling through the desert for four days.After viewing the movie, 127 Hours,   which tells the true story of a hiker who gets trapped in the Blue John Canyon and has to chop off his own arm to survive,  Richards got inspired and decided to hike too.But when the 64-year-old made his way down on September 7, he slipped and  fell ten feet to the canyon's bottom.

Richards,with his twisted shoulder and left ankle  broken  had no choice but to crawl through the nearly 7 miles of rocky terrain back to his car.

"I was thinking as sore as my knees are,  for 30 minutes I was thinking I might not get out of here, " said Richards. "I was actually following my GPS, crawling right on top of my feet print that I had hiked in on." Richards miraculously survived on rain water he put in a bottle and two snack bars,crawling five miles over four days.Shockingly Richards did not have a working cellphone to call for help but his abandoned car alerted park rangers who eventually found the man. I know 127hrs is supposed to be inspirational but I saw it as a cautionary tale. To me hiking after that is like swimming after seeing Jaws

Watch the video report of Richard's story below.