With the semester ending, students everywhere are rejoicing to have a few weeks off. Social media has been buzzing about overnight study sessions and finals that are completed, and some colleges and universities are finding ways to blow off some steam. This prank happened a couple of years ago, but it's still fun to think that people pull stuff like this in the class. For this dude in a chicken suit, however, he was pranking the wrong class.

When he walks in, the professor barely even acknowledges the chicken-man, though he does stop lecturing when the chicken starts singing. As the song goes on, you can tell the frustration level of the prof is nearing the boiling point, until the chicken is finally chased out of the room. Was it set up by the professor as a joke, or was he really as irritated as he came across? We'll never know, but it would be fun to watch either way.

Have you ever played a prank in the classroom?