Last week, 31-year-old Samuel Phipps of New Castle, Delaware was caught driving drunk after he swerved on a highway and crashed his 1998 Land Rover into a guardrail.  There are two explanations for what happened.

According to Samuel this is what happened. When the cops got there, Samuel explained he didn't swerve and crash because of the alcohol in his system.  No, he swerved because he didn't want to hit an elephant in the road.

I was unable to find any zoo's in the Delaware area that reported a missing elephant.

This is what the cops say happened and I agree with them. The cops didn't believe Samuel's elephant story.  One, because they didn't see an elephant anywhere. Two, because Samuel was hallucinating on PCP.  This explains the elephant I think.

This was Samuel's seventh DUI arrest.  He's being held in jail.