My diets generally last about one week, then I'm back to eating even worse than I was before. Here's a new study, however, that suggest some dieting techniques that I could get behind! A new study out of Israel claims eating a big piece of cake with breakfast will not only help you loose weight, but keep it off. The study took a look at two different groups of people who were dieting. Both groups ate similar diets, but one group had a large piece of cake with breakfast everyday. After about a month and a half the researchers started crunching numbers and found the cake eating subjects lost an average of FOURTY POUNDS more than the group who didn't have cake.

Crazy, I know, but here's why it works. When you eat dessert in the morning, you boost your metabolism and have all day to burn it off. Whats more, indulging in the morning helps curb cravings throughout the rest of the day. Almost everyone from the group that didn't have dessert showed withdrawal symptoms and eventually caved and started eating desserts. These folks, however, wound up eating their sweets later in the day when it didn't help their metabolism or give them time to burn it off.

Source MSN