Great news for Ed Sheeran fans! The 'Lego House' performer has promised his devoted following that he will have new music out by January of 2014.

Sheeran confirmed his upcoming project in a Twitter Q&A, tweeting:

The countdown begins! Ed previously stated that he would be starting to work on new material this fall saying, "I'm going to spend October, November, December planning and then just smash it out next year."

According to Billboard, Ed Sheeran has also gone ahead and moved to Nashville, even though he stated on Twitter that it was not a permanent situation. He tweeted:

Nashville seems to be a big draw for artists with its warm weather and laid back atmosphere. Sheeran said, "I don't think people really care in Nashville. Even if they knew who you were, I don't think they'd care. They'd just be like, 'Eh.'" He then added, "And Nashville is full of very, very nice people." Even though he says he's not staying forever, it sounds like a long term relationship to us! Maybe he wants to be closer to his buddy Taylor Swift?