Most of us have to work for a living and it isn't always easy to be right on time every single day. And that means we are going to be late to work every now and then. In fact, according to a survey conducted by, 26% of workers say they are late at least once a month and 16% say they are late at least once a week or more.

So if your late to work what do you tell your boss? Well here are a few excuses,the eight craziest excuses according to,  that were used last year by people who were late for work, although I wouldn't recommend using any of them unless you absolutely have to.

#8. One woman dropped her purse in a newspaper dispenser box, and couldn't get it out without putting in change . . . but all her change was in the purse

#7. A guy left his apartment with his roommate's girlfriend's shoes on, and had to go back to change.

#6. A guy tried to cut his own hair before work, but his clippers broke halfway . . . so he needed to wait for a barber shop to open to get his haircut fixed.

#5. A woman was late because the forecast called for rain, and she needed to put a raincoat on a cement duck statue in her front yard.

#4. One woman drove to her old job by mistake.

#3. One guy's car wouldn't start, because his court-ordered breathalyzer showed he was drunk.

#2. A guy was late because his car was ATTACKED BY A BEAR on the way to work . . . and he had photographic evidence to prove it.

#1. One person was late because they stopped to DELIVER A STRANGER'S BABY on the side of the highway.

Those are the eight craziest excuses of 2012, but what about us normal people who aren't attacked by bears on our way to work? The most common excuse for being late, according to the survey, was because of the traffic. Number two was oversleeping, three was having to drop of the kids at daycare of school, number four was because of bad weather and the fifth most common excuse was delays in public transportation. So here you are, a few excuses you can try to sell to your boss next time you decide to hit the snooze button a few extra times, but don't make it a habit, 33% of bosses surveyed say they have fired someone for chronic lateness.