Eminem's new music video for 'Headlights' debuted on Mother's Day, but the real shocker was that it was a tribute to his very own mother Debra Mathers.

If you don't know the entire story, Debbie Mathers sued her son for defamation in 2001 and wanted $11 million for his portrayal of her in his songs and for harsh and abusive lyrics dating back to 1999 that were used in several songs including “My Name Is”, "In The Closet" and “My Mom", but reportedly settled for $25,000.

She co-wrote a 259-page book called “My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem” that was released in 2007 and co-written by New York journalist Annette Witheridge. The book, upon its release, was described by the publisher as “the inside truth about Marshall Bruce Mathers III” that attempts to “untangle the outspoken and enigmatic alter egos Eminem and Slim Shady.” Oh and the video is directed by Spike Lee.

Watch Eminem apologize to his mother in his 'Headlights' video: