If you are my age or older I am sure at some point in your life your parents dragged you down to Sears for the family photo to hang above the fireplace. Well future generations will be unable to undergo this awkward family experience.

The Sears Portrait Studio opened in 1959. In the past decade, people have been buying fewer sessions and fewer photos. Mostly because of digital cameras, phone cameras, and cheap online photo printing.

The company that runs the Sears Portrait Studio at every Sears location is CPI Corp.  They also run about 20% of the portrait studios at Walmart and Babies "R" Us and they shut down both of those too.

Sears says they're, quote, "exploring all options" to keep some kind of photo service alive, but for now it's over. I am sure most of you had the same experience that I had. Your parents would put you in the itchiest sweater they could find. Put you in the hottest room imaginable at Sears with all those lights. Then give the most fake smile to get it over with so you can finally breath. My only disappointment with this closing is that one day I will not be able to put my kid through this torture.