The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California, has found a new way to entertain their penguins. According to a blog posted by Hugh on the aquarium’s Web site, the two young penguins are named Jeremy and Newsom. They’re still too young to be into the mating scene, so they seem to be left out, therefore they came up with a creative solution to keep them entertained – give them an iPad with the Game for Cats app.

Both penguins played the game, but it was Newsom who came out as the high scorer with 1,600 points. They also like the squeak that the mouse makes in the game, which you hear in the video.

Watching this makes me wonder if my own cats would like the game. I’ve heard of it but I haven’t taken the time to download it. If penguins are loving the game, surely my kittehs would get a kick out of it, right?