April 15, 2011
$25 or $60

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Friday 7pm - Wine and Food Affair

The Forum, 2120 Speedway

Casual cocktail attire, please

Enjoy a delicious meal served with the best wines for an evening of culture and class.


Tickets available at The Forum.


Saturday 6-11pm - Wine Tasting Festival

Bridwell Ag Center, 111 N Burnett

Novices to connoisseurs can choose from over 50 different Texas wines to sample, under one roof.  Each guest receives a souvenir wine glass plus an official guide listing a profile of each winery at the festival and details about their offerings that day.  When guests aren’t tasting wine, they can sample specialty beers in the Beer Garten, tap their toes to live music or learn more about vineyards at one of the winery booths. Selected vendors will also provide a bevy of food and merchandise for purchase.  At the end of the evening, cast your vote for the “Festival Favorite.”


Tickets available:

United Market Street

Kemp Center for the Arts

Kocks Liquor

Local Boys Liquor

Any Senior Junior Member