Last week a man by the name of Tommy Jordan from North Carolina posted a video on YouTube of himself reading aloud a long rant that his daughter supposedly posted to her Facebook page about how she hates her parents and her life.  He then proceeds to ‘teach her a lesson’ by shooting her laptop nine times with his .45 caliber pistol at the end of the video – yielding a collective ‘hoorah’ from teenage having parents across the globe.

So far this video has seen over 22 million views – people wanting to see this so called hero of a parent showing his daughter who’s boss.  But is it real?  Well before today we had no reason to believe that it is not, however; a man named Greg Solomon claims to know Mr. Jordan saying that the Facebook parenting video is far from real.

Solomon decided to post a video of his own exposing Jordan’s video as a hoax.  With a pipe secured snugly in the corner of his mouth as if his name is Sherlock Holmes and he has just solved the crime of the century, Solomon states in his video response,

“It just so happens that I know a little bit more about Tommy Jordan than the majority of you know…This video that was posted by Mr. Jordan is fake…Mr Jordan’s video was an attempt to create a viral video…the laptop computer did not belong to his daughter…it’s just an old laptop he had laying down there…the whole thing is a hoax…his daughter didn’t post any of these comments about him…”

Now whose to say that Greg Solomon’s video is true and Tommy Jordan’s is not, but when a man speaks in such a matter-of-fact way with a tobacco pipe in his mouth, one can’t help but be moved to believe him.  But in reality, Solomon offers no real proof beyond what anyone could find out via Google and hearsay.  I mean Mr. Solomon’s main argument against Mr. Jordan is that his wife is the “main bread winner” in the family – which is neither here nor there, but you can decide for yourself who to believe.

Watch Greg Solomon’s video exposing Tommy Jordan’s Facebook Parenting video as a hoax:

Here is Mr. Jordan’s original Facebook Parenting video:

If the Facebook Parenting video posted by Mr. Jordan is in fact a hoax, how do you feel about being intentionally deceived in such away?