You never know what weird twist of fate will lead you down one path or another. In Tennessee, a family is thankful for a baby doll who saved them from a house fire.

The teenage girl in the household was assigned an infant doll to take care of as part of a class at school. She says that she usually sleeps heavily, but since having the doll in the house she hasn’t been sleeping as well. When the doll began crying in the middle of the night, she woke up and heard something in the kitchen that sounded like a plate breaking. That’s when she discovered the house was actually ablaze.

From there she woke her mother and her mother’s boyfriend, and the three of them escaped the house without injury.

Amazingly, firefighters say if she hadn’t woken up, even another two minutes would have changed the outcome of this story. I’ve made the comment before that a school assignment was killing me, but in this case, a school assignment saved a family’s life.

There’s no word on whether or not they retrieved the doll.

Did you ever have to care for a infant doll while you were in school? Did it keep you up at night?

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