I don't get too touchy feeling most of the time, but this story out of east Texas is awesome and really put a smile on my face. In February, Randy Cox of Gladewater, Texas (About 110 miles East of Dallas) was diagnosed with cancer and began chemotherapy.  As anybody that has had a serious medical situation knows, insurance helps, but it definitely doesn't cover everything and Randy was stuck with HUGE medical bills.

So on Saturday, his six-year-old son Drew decided to help out.  He began selling lemonade for 25 cents a cup outside their house, telling customers the money would help pay for his dad's cancer treatment.   Word spread, and people came from miles away to buy lemonade from Drew.  And most gave more than 25 cents.  One person gave a check for $5,000, and by the end of the day, Drew's stand had raised $10,000.

We also got a tip from a listener that all proceeds made from the children's book "Tiaras and Pink Frosting" by Deanna L. Scott between now and May 1st will go toward helping the Cox family. The book explains cancer and provides empowerment for little girls with cancer to fight back. You can purchase the book at amazon.com. Deanna, the author of the book,  is from the Wichita Falls area and her decision to donate the proceeds from her book to the Cox family is very dear to her heart because she herself is a survivor of a rare form of pediatric eye cancer.

You gotta love Texans helping Texans!

Watch a news report about Drew Cox raising $10,000 from his lemonade stand: