Nabisco has discovered a gold mine – changing up the flavor of their Oreo cookies. With seasonal flavors like Watermelon or Candy Corn, consumers are flocking to stores each season to purchase the latest and greatest flavor. You’ll even get a chance to try out Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Crispy next month. It could be that we’re simply curious about a flavor, or maybe we’re secretly hoping we get the last bag and get to brag to our friends that we tried it, but you can bet the company is cashing in on our curiosity. Are you feeling adventurous? How about trying a Lemon Oreo?

The limited edition flavor hit shelves this month, and as one of the curious, I had to try them for myself. I grabbed a package, paid for my groceries, and had one out of the bag and in my hand before I ever got to the driver’s seat of my car.

One key difference with the cream of this Oreo is that it’s a bit softer than other flavors. If you’re the type to twist open your cookie and lick the filling, the softness of the cream makes it a bit difficult to do. You’re also likely to find cream screaming to get out from between the two layers if you simply bite down.

I’m a fan of lemon-flavored treats, so I was excited to take my first bite. The only cookie I have to compare the flavor to is that of the lemon flavored Girl Scout cookies.

I was impressed.

When I announced to my husband that I had found a lemon flavored Oreo and brought a package home, his first reaction was to roll his eyes at me. I think he’s tired of me bringing home weird flavors. He was a trooper nevertheless and tried one for himself, grunted a bit, then returned to the bag to grab a couple more.

He was impressed.

I can’t speak for others who have tried the lemon flavor, but I give it two thumbs up and recommend you grab a bag while you still can. If you’re not into lemon then you probably won’t like them, but if you’re open to a new flavor of cookie this is one you might like to try. Then, as soon as you’re addicted to them, you won’t be able to find them on the shelves anymore.

Oreo, why must you be so unfair?