If you're looking for the best bang for your buck in fun with the family this summer, look no further than Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington. By Google Map estimations the park is exactly two hours and fifteen minutes from Wichita Falls. I know I'm not alone when I say that I made some rich childhood memories with my family at Six Flags. From over 50 rides and coasters, to stage shows, to everything else, Six Flags Over Texas has something for everyone.

First lets talk rides. I'll say that my longtime favorite has always been the Shockwave with it's double loops, but the new Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast has me pretty intrigued. The coaster first opened in the late 90's but has been re-enginnered and now sends riders from 0mph to 70mph in less than four seconds, IN REVERSE. See the coasters new promo video below.

Of course the park still features the legendary Titan, the classic Texas Giant, Batman the ride, Runaway Mountain, and over 45 other rides from small to well, um...giant.

If you're not much of a thrill seeker, or looking for a break from the heat, find a cool seat and broad entertainment selections from one of Six Flags stage shows. Showing this summer is the clown performance Aga Boom, the Texas-themed revival at the Crazy Horse Saloon Heart of Texas, the one of a kind iLuminate, and more. You can learn more about all of the shows and find a detailed schedule here.

The park is divided into themed regions such as Loony Tunes USA, Mexico, Texas, Old South, Gotham City, France, Boomtown, and Good Times Square. Each of these areas features food, music, characters, rides and buildings all geared around the theme. This idea is certainly nothing new or different for theme-parks, but it can certainly add to their allure when done well. Check out the chart below to get a better idea what attractions you can find in the parks various areas.

The Important Bits

The park is located about two hours south of Wichita Falls in Arlington. Just plug the address below into your GPS.

2201 Road to Six Flags
Arlington, TX 76011

The park is open for summer from 10:30am to 10:00pm, seven days a week.

Find more information at SixFlags.com