This is one of those stupid decisions schools make these days in the name of political correctness that make you weep for the future.

Mark Curran is a 7-year-old who goes to Tynan Elementary School in South Boston, Massachusetts.

A few weeks ago, he was on the school bus and another 7-year-old who'd been bullying him came up and started choking him.  So Mark responded by kicking the bully in the groin.

And now Mark is in trouble, and being investigated for sexual harassment.

The Boston public schools apparently have a policy where any attacks on the groin are considered sexual harassment.  So even though Mark's attack was in self-defense, was totally non-sexual, and he's seven years old . . . it's sexual harassment.

The school district declined to comment on the case.

Click on the video below to hear what Mark and his mother have to say about the incident.

What do you think?  Was Mark justified in kicking the other boy in the groin, and should it be considered sexual harassment?