The big story at the combine was that for the first time in NFL history a woman was finally going to try out for teams. Well things did not go so well for her.

Lauren Silberman is a former soccer player and MIT graduate. She claims that she could kick a 60 yard field goal. If she could do this I am sure any NFL team would have gladly picked her up. Well here was her shot to finally prove herself and she got hurt on her first attempt. It has been reported as a quadriceps injury.

She attempted a second kick while injured, but spectators could tell she was in pain. Lauren was marked at her combine as incomplete. In my opinion women should not play men in contact sports, even if she was trying out for kicker. It can happen where the kicker gets tackled. If the holder fumbles the snap and the kicker attempts to make a kick while the defense is going for the ball the kicker could easily get hurt.

I hope Lauren gets better. She tweeted out ''I'm just really happy I had this amazing experience, I might be the first woman trying out for the NFL, but I certainly hope I'm not the last.''