I am quite sure that everyone reading this post thinks that they are God's gift to their partners when it comes to "extra curricular" activities, but, just allow for a moment the chance, however small, that you may not be any good by checking out the five signs you are NOT very good in the sack.

You're Really Quiet

You don't have to wake up the neighbors.  But you shouldn't be silent either.  It won't be GREAT unless you let the other person know they're doing a good job.

Your Bedroom is a Mess

Apparently a messy bedroom can be distracting for some people . . . or even stressful, especially if you have bills or papers from work lying around. Once you get started, you probably won't even notice if the room is messy.  But apparently it can be a mood-killer leading up to the big event.

It Takes You Fifteen Minutes Just to Prepare

Women are usually the ones who do this, and guys hate it.  If you have to shower, brush your teeth, take out your contacts, and wash your face before you get busy, chances are it won't be very good.

You Act Like It's a Favor

This one's mainly for women too:  Chances are if you treat it like something HE wants to do but YOU don't, it won't be very good. With that said, most guys would rather it be bad than none at all.  So don't worry about this one too much.

You Jump Out of Bed the Second It's Over

If you wanna shower, fine.  But just lie there for a few minutes first. If you immediately jump up and leave the room, it sends a message that you think you just did something gross, which isn't much of a turn-on.  And if it happens consistently, it can be a major turn-off.