When you have amazing athletic talent going into college. It is hard to pick which college you want to go to. Well some Florida State girls are trying hard to recruit high school basketball player Andrew Wiggens.

First off Florida State you have some good looking girls. Just on that I would have choose this school. He already has a cheering section and he is not even in uniform yet. Andrew is probably either going to Kentucky or Florida State. His father did graduate from Florida State so that may help get him there.

Here is the problem, the game that Andrew Wiggins attended Florida State looked awful. They got blown out by rival Florida 72-47. Honestly though Florida State could have gotten beat 100-0 and Andrew would still have a group of good looking girls chanting his name.

The group of girls are using Twitter also to sway Andrew to Florida State using the hash tag #wewantwiggins. So Andrew the decision is yours. Go to Kentucky and be another amazing high school recruit and probably win a national championship. The other option has you walking around campus like a Greek god. The choice is yours and yours alone.

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