I did a blog last week about these new Jerry Wipes. I thought they were a joke, but as you know Jerry Jones never jokes.Here is the official Dallas Cowboys sales pitch:

The Official Shop of the Dallas Cowboys brings you the must-have Dallas Cowboys Jerry Wipes!  Just think - one day you're standing next to Jerry and he needs his glasses cleaned...just pull out a Jerry Wipe and you'll look like a champ!

Now who does not want to feel like a champ while cleaning your glasses? The wipes are starting at just $2.99. The best part of this is that ALL proceeds go to the Salvation Army. The Cowboys and the Salvation Army have a strong partnership. Jerry Jones always does what he can to help them out.

So if your looking for a good gag gift for your favorite Cowboys fan I would suggest Jerry Wipes. Any Cowboys fan would get a good laugh out of it.

The Jerry Wipes are available at the Dallas Cowboys online store.