Apparently some company thought it would be a good idea to make nail polish specifically designed for men. I know what your thinking, why did no one come up with this idea before?

A company called AlphaNail has come out with a nail polish that is catered specifically to men. They say that men always have disgusting colored nails, so why not paint them? It comes in "edgy," manly sounding colors like Concrete, Burnin' Rubber, Gasoline, Pirate Gold, Benjamins green, and Cocaine.

Each color sells for $9.95 online.  They come as pens you use to draw on your nails, not the jar-and-brush combo women use. As their website says, quote, "[not] those dainty little brushes and girly nail polish containers."

I am sorry, but I do not see this product doing to well. I do seeing it selling well, but only as a gag gift. So ladies I guess if you need a nice way to tell your guys their nails are gross. I have found the easiest way, AlphaNail.