It seems like just yesterday that Terrell Owens was a Dallas Cowboy and was catching passes from Tony Romo. Since those days Terrell has been on two different NFL teams and an IFL (Indoor Football League) team. After the departure from the Dallas Cowboys Terrell went to the Buffalo Bills and had a major decrease in touchdowns from the previous year. Terrell only had 5 touchdown catches compared to 10 the season before on the cowboys. After that season Terrell went to the Cincinnati Bengals where he teamed up with Chad Ochocinco and many expected defenses to not be able to cover both super star athletes. Unfortunately it did not work out that way and the Bengals finished 4-12 missing the playoffs.

Now one day two years ago I am watching ESPN and I see on the crawl Terrell Owens returning to Texas. I get excited thinking either the Cowboys or the Texans. Terrell was joining the IFL and becoming an Allen Wrangler. Terrell did decent for an IFL player with 9 touchdowns off of 35 catches. Halfway through the season ownership and Terrell decided to part ways to end the contract.

It was sad to see Terrell end his career like this at the time. Now Terrell is starting out fresh with a new team the Seattle Seahawks and is back in the NFL. I hope he ends his career in the NFL with a decent season and hopefully one day makes it to the hall of fame.

Best of luck Terrell from Cowboys fans everywhere. Get your popcorn ready Seattle.