In case you did not know the Dallas Cowboys were eliminated from the postseason last night with a loss to the Washington Redskins. Some former Dallas Cowboys are not happy with Tony Romo's performance.

In his career, Romo is now 1-6 for the Cowboys with the playoffs on the line. Hall of fame wide receiver Michael Irvin said. "I'm never going to say 8-8 is a success, not a guy who holds three rings. Playing hard is good. Winning is better. You watch all these guys, Robert Griffin III, Eli Manning, Michael Vick -- these are top quarterbacks, drafted in top spots, they know and feel like they belong in that situation. Tony Romo is the only undrafted QB in the East and sometimes, in those moments, he feels like, 'I have to prove to everybody I belong here,' and tries to do so much and that gets him into trouble."

Former Dallas Cowboys corner back Deion Sanders was equally hard on Romo.

"How many times are we going to sit here as fans and say, 'Here we go again?' " Sanders said. "I love to win at all costs. 1-6 in elimination games, that's telling me something is not getting better around here. The kind of person I am, I need to jump off and try to correct this thing ... I can't put this one thing all on Tony. But Tony brings me to the same situation at the conclusion of every year. Take a picture, this date, and see if we're playing the same picture next year. We always think it's going to get better, but it's the same-old same-old."

Another heart breaking season for my Dallas Cowboys. No matter what I will always be there next year rooting on the Cowboys in August. It is just going to be one long off season.