Early Saturday morning, police in Highland Park, Michigan arrested former Miss USA and WWE Tough Enough contestant Rima Fakih for drunk driving.  Reports are that Fakih's breathalyzer result was a 2.0, more than twice the legal limit in Michigan.

Shortly after the incident was made public, statements on Fakih's Twitter and Facebook accounts claimed that she was out of the state and the person who was actually arrested for drunk driving was another person with the same last name.  Her lawyer has since confirmed her arrest and said that it was people who had access to Fakih's accounts that made the misleading posts. The false Facebook and Twitter posts have been removed. 

According to her attorney, Fakih had actually appointed herself the designated driver after deciding that her friend was too drunk to drive.  Fakih reportedly realized she was too drunk to drive and was pulling off to the side of the road when she was spotted by police.  Sources say that Fakih is taking full responsibility for the incident and wants to apologize to everyone she let down.

26-year-old Fakih, the first Arabic Miss USA, could face over 90 days in jail as well as court costs and fines.