Now I want to go adopt a dog just because of this.

There is a debate as to what the greatest TV theme song of all time is. The fresh prince of bel air has to be at least top 10. Once it starts you probably know all the words. Well this guy created an awesome adoption music video with new lyrics.

Here are the Lyrics Below:

In West County Shelter, born and raised
In the kennel is where I lived with most of the strays
Pantin' and barkin', slobberin' drool
The kennels were small, but the workers were cool
After a couple of tries,I got adopted for good
Said they're gonna take me to their neighborhood
Introduced me to their dog, to see how I fared
They said 'You're movin' with our doggie and kitty in Bel Air'
They waved down a cab, and when it came near
The license plate said pets and adopt in the rear
I jumped in the back and without a care,
I got all excited, 'Let's go home to Bel Air!'

Check out the Awesome Music Video Below: