Sean Bean, known for his work in "Fellowship of the Ring", "Goldeneye", "National Treasure", and most recently "Game of Thrones", was stabbed in the arm Sunday night after an altercation over a Playboy playmate at a bar in London.

The incident occurred when a passerby made inappropriate comments about 22-year-old Nadia Foster, a model who appeared in Italian Playboy.  52-year-old Sean Bean then confronted the man and challenged him to a fight.  Later in the night, Bean stepped outside of the bar to have a cigarette and was attacked with what witnesses believed to be a piece of broken glass.  Bean suffered a stab wound to his arm and had a bruise above his eye, but instead of seeking emergency medical attention, Bean went back in to the bar for another drink!  A member of the bar's staff tended to his injuries with a first aid kit.

Bean is a regular at the bar and was there with Foster who lives near to the bar, though it isn't certain if the two are romantically involved.  The police were called, but neither the police or Bean have officially commented on the matter.  Foster has referred to the situation as a "private matter."