Come on now, if you're just going to throw away those Turtle Beach headsets, go ahead and give them to me.

Like most nerds, we have sold some gaming stuff back to GameStop at some point. You have those games that you will probably never play again, like maybe last year's copy of Madden. You go to GameStop and trade it in for another game. Hey, they buy everything there; games, accessories and even consoles.

Well one guy was dumpster diving behind his local GameStop and was shocked to see the amount of stuff they were throwing away. Games, controllers and even those expensive Turtle beach headsets. According to the man in the vidoe, someone cut the cords and scratched all the games up before tossing them - I highly doubt that that is the condition they were in when GameStop got them, though.

Just when I was ready to tear GameStop a new one, I find this story on how GameStop is not greedy at all. A cop was shot inside of a GameStop and the company gave the slain officers family a check for $50,000. Nice move GameStop, but still don't just throw away this stuff. Donate it to less fortunate people.

Check Out the GameStop Dumpster Diving Video Below: