Earlier this week we showed you some hilarious Gangnam Style parodies, well a group of lifeguards decided to do their own take on this new viral video sensation. Unfortunately everyone that took place in the video was fired.

According to the makers of this video this was on their break time and during any free time they had. The city manager said that they were fired for using the facility for private use and wearing uniforms in public while off-duty. Afterwards they were unofficially told that their music video was both "disgusting" and an "embarrassment to the city of El Monte."

Even employees who did not participate in the video and were merely caught in the background were fired. One manager who did not appear in the video at all was also fired.

I did not see anything wrong with what these lifeguards did. It would be one thing if they were filming while people are swimming and they should have been watching them. You can clearly see in the video no one is at the pool.

So what do you think? Should these lifeguards have been fired for making a viral video at their job? Give us your thoughts in the comment section below.

 Check out Lifeguard Gangnam Style Below: