Amazon just introduced the latest item to create a buzz in the tech world. The Amazon Fire TV is a device that plugs into your HDTV, and connects it to all the streaming content you could need. For only $99, you have access to all of Amazon's movies and TV shows as well as Netflix, Hulu Plus and more.

It's a pretty cool product, and will make things a lot easier for some people. I personally have no need for it. My Blu-Ray player already has all these things, and if not, my Google Chromecast works too. I didn't see any reason I needed to look any further into this, until today. Amazon found the greatest spokesperson ever to hype up their new product: Gary Busey. One of the features of the Amazon Fire is the voice search. You simply say what you want to find, and it finds it. In the add, Busey lets us know how he has been searching for a product that he can talk to, and finally, Amazon has made it possible!

Watch it for yourself, but be advised, even if you don't need the product, you may find yourself wanting to buy one.