The Princeton Review just released its annual rankings, where they survey thousands of college students to figure out the best schools in everything from partying and diversity to hippies and jocks.

My mom actually read this the year I was deciding what college to go to. At the time University of Maryland was one of the top party schools and she did not want me going there. O well I am happy at Midwestern State.

Here are some of the highlights from the report:

Worst Professors:  Rutgers University, New Jersey.

Most Racially Diverse:  City University of New York, Hunter College.

Least Racially Diverse:  Providence College, Rhode Island.

Best College Sports Experience:  University of Notre Dame.

Most Politically Active:  American University, Washington D.C.

Least Politically Active:  College of the Ozarks, Missouri.

Happiest Students:  Rice University, Texas.

Least Happy Students:  Montana Tech.

Most Beautiful Campus:  Florida Southern College.

Least Beautiful Campus:  Case Western Reserve University, Ohio.

Biggest Party School:  West Virginia University.

Most Stone-Cold Sober School:  Brigham Young University, Utah.

Biggest Hippie School:  Reed College, Oregon.

Biggest Jock School:  Clemson University, South Carolina.

So parents if your child got into West Virginia University they will be going to some awesome parties apparently. It will be OK, your child will survive at college. I know it is a scary experience, but it is a part of your child growing up.