As if the news of 'Bachelor' star Gia Allemand's death wasn't devastating enough, new and sad details are emerging on her untimely end: Allemand took her own life.

TMZ reports that Allemand's boyfriend, New Orlean Pelicans star Ryan Anderson, found her on Monday night and called 911.

The cause of death has yet to be announced, but Allemand was put on life support, which was withdrawn today. She suffered "critical brain and organ function."

Allemand was said to be heartbroken over the rocky state of her relationship with Anderson.

Vienna Girardi, winner of Allemand's season of 'The Bachelor,' expressed her grief to TMZ.

"Gia was a beautiful girl and an unbelievable friend. I’m shocked and can’t believe what happened to her. She seemed so happy, but you never know the demons people are fighting inside. I will never forget her and will miss my friend forever."

Stars React to 'Bachelor' Contestant Gia Allemand's Death

'Bachelor' and 'Bachelor Pad' star Gia Allemand passed away at the too early age of 29, which has prompted an outpouring of emotional reactions to the news, as well as thoughts for her friends and family during this difficult time.