Remember Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden radio voice? How could you not, he was crammed down your throat through every media outlet possible. But in case you forgot, or have been living under a rock for most of 2011, he is the homeless man living in Ohio who became famous over night after a video of him speaking went viral earlier this year. Ted's quick rise to fame consisted of morning show appearances and reunions with his family.  Just as quickly, Ted fell back into his rut with a visit to rehab for alcohol abuse after the police were called to his hotel because of a fight with a family member.

So I guess the only logical thing for a non-celebrity like Ted Williams to do next would be to star in his own reality show.

TMZ reports that Williams will star in a reality show about his life. Titled 'Second Chances at Life', the reality show will illustrate how Williams wound up on the street and how he fought his demons after his instant internet fame.  No network has officially picked up the show, as of yet, but a "major network" is said to sign a deal with Williams in a few days.

Williams' representatives say that the second season of the show will focus on other homeless people who are deserving of a second chance at life.  Season two?  Seems kinda ambitious to me.  Maybe they should focus on getting a good network deal, or making sure the first season doesn't suck, before worrying about a second season.