This kid needed a little thrill the last month of his sentence, so he decided to liven things up with jail.

I know video games can get boring once you've played them a bunch of times.  But being stuck playing a boring video game still seems like it would be a much, much better option than going to jail. It wasn't for some 19-year-old idiot in Whangarei, New Zealand.

About a year ago, he was sentenced to 11 months of house arrest.  It's not clear what crime he was convicted of.This week he called the police, 10 months into his 11-month sentence. He told them he was sick of house arrest and wanted to go to jail. Simply because he'd, "run out of Xbox games to play."

Rather than play the same games again, he picked jail.  The police said okay. Went to his house, picked him up, and took him to jail for his final month. Now it does get boring not having any new games to play, but I would still rather sit in my own home. How about starting some books instead of the video games?