People start ripping into those walls, you never know what you are going to find.

34-year-old David Gonzalez recently bought an abandoned house in Elbow Lake, Minnesota for $10,100.  David remodels and flips houses, and that was his plan here.The house had old newspaper instead of insulation, so he cracked into the walls to fix that.  Sitting there with the old newspaper was a comic book  the most valuable comic book of all time.

David found a copy of Action Comics Number One from 1938, which is the first appearance of Superman.  In mint condition, it's worth at least $2 million. This one wasn't in mint condition and its condition quickly got worse after David found it.  His in-laws saw it, got excited about it, and tried to grab it out of his hands.  In the process, they tore it which knocked about $75,000 off its value.

The comic will still be extremely valuable though.  It's being auctioned off online and the bidding is already up over $135,000 with about three weeks to go.  That's ten times more than David paid for the house. Just so you guys know. MSU has a copy of this comic in their rare books collection in the library. If you ask kindly at the front desk(if they are not busy) they will show it to you.