So a guy wrestled a shark off of a crowded beach and you think that would be very nice gesture. Well the hero's boss was not happy about it.

Back in January, 62-year-old Paul Marshallsea of South Wales was on vacation in Queensland, Australia. He was at the beach when a shark swam near some children.  So Paul grabbed the shark and dragged it away.

Someone on the beach videoed it, it went viral  and Paul was called a hero. At least he was called a hero by everyone but the children's charity where he's worked for the past 10 years.

It turns out Paul wasn't supposed to be in Australia, he was supposed to be on sick leave.  The higher-ups at the Pant and Dowlais Boys and Girls Club saw the video and they decided to fire Paul.

It gets worse.  Paul's wife was also working at the charity, and also out sick during the Australian vacation.  So she's been fired too. You would think since he did such a noble deed he could keep his job.

Watch Paul Wrestle the Shark Below: