If I remember Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear for love and I don't think that worked out to well.

32-year-old Bunty Verma is a TV repairman in Sendhwa, in central India.  Apparently he was constantly insulting his wife, Hema. It got so bad that she took her daughter and left him. Apparently that made him realize how horrible he had been to her, and he decided to get her back.

To prove he would never be verbally abusive again, he did the only thing that could guarantee it. Bunty cut off his own tongue. He was hospitalized. According to sources it's not clear if doctors were able to reattach his tongue, if he even wanted them to, or if Hema decided to get back with him.

Now ladies I need an opinion on this. Is this sweet or is this insane? I need to know, write your response in the comment section below.

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