If you run from the police, you could probably expect some karma later in life. This guy ran straight into karma, but karma had teeth.

Yesterday, around 2:45 A.M., police in Pinellas County, Florida pulled over 20-year-old Bryan Zuniga of Pinellas Park, Florida for swerving.  After Bryan stopped, he got out of his car and made a run for it. He kicked a hole in a fence to hide in a water treatment plant.  That's when he found himself face-to-face with an alligator.

The gator took the police's side, not Bryan's side and started attacking.  Bryan suffered multiple bites to his face and arms.The cops eventually tracked him down and took him to the hospital.  Once he was treated and released, he was arrested and hit with several charges, including a felony for fleeing a law enforcement officer.

The gator is still on the loose. Florida needs to find this gator to. For the simple fact of the greatest cop team ever. A cop and a gator fighting crime together. Do not lie you would watch at least one episode of that.