I am not sure if this guy is a Stupid Criminal or the nicest criminal ever.

Last week, 45-year-old Keith Hinds of West Hartford, Connecticut stole a Chinese food delivery driver's car, when the driver left it idling to drop off some food at an elementary school. Then Keith did the craziest thing ever. He kept making the deliveries.

He went to all of the addresses on the bags in the car, dropped off the food, and took the money.  He pocketed it, but still.  No one in West Hartford missed out on their Chinese food that night. The police caught Keith during his deliveries and arrested him for larceny.  He also had some marijuana and a crack pipe on him, so he was charged for those too.

It is not often that you can say a criminal is nice. Their are those criminals out there that will take your purse, but leave your car keys. I would have never thought someone would steal a delivery car just to make the deliveries.