I don't know what is going on at Harvard these days, but I think some students are getting bored with their free time.

A group of friends from Harvard University launched a hamburger into space and recorded it for posterity. Local hamburger chain b.good contributed $1,000 and a rather large burger to the project. The burger launched in Sturbridge on Oct. 27.

The hamburger was attached to a 600g weather balloon with a GoPro Hero camera and a HTC Rezound phone for GPS tracking. The burger-rigged camera reached an altitude of 30,000m, according to their YouTube page.

The food pod was recovered in a tree 130 miles north of Boston in Byfield. The students first tried to use a crossbow to get the package down but eventually hired a man to climb and retrieve the camera after several days and a storm.

Is it weird this video almost made me cry? I thought it was so sad when the balloon popped and comes falling back to Earth. I wonder how much it would take someone to eat that burger?

Watch a Burger go to Space below: