When I watched the Red Carpet events of the Grammy Awards, I was a little irritated by Lady Gaga's entrance. The egg she arrived in seemed over-the-top and pompous. I understand the meaning behind it, but this is a woman who craves EVERY OUNCE OF THE SPOTLIGHT.

As if we didn't know that before.

I think Lady Gaga is rather talented. She seems to be able to sing without the use of auto-tune, which is a huge plus. She stands for what she believes in and she takes risks that a lot of other people would never dare to take. Those risks, of course, include her costumes that stand out. They stand WAY out. Think... the meat dress.

Her latest number is part of the line-up to her tour, a see-through nun outfit with cross-shaped coverings for her nipples.

This outfit is drawing a lot of attention because... well, she's dressed as a slutty nun. I like a lot of what she does, but in my personal opinion, this one is crossing the line. What do you think?

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