Now I know Easy Bake Oven is aimed at girls. Mainly because it is pink. Hasbro is trying to change that image after a meeting with a little girl.

Hasbro says it will soon reveal a gender-neutral Easy-Bake Oven after meeting with a New Jersey girl who started a campaign calling on the toy maker to make one that appeals to all kids.Thirteen-year-old McKenna Pope of Garfield, N.J., met Monday with officials at the company's Pawtucket, R.I., headquarters.

It was there that they showed off a prototype of their newest Easy-Bake. It's black, silver and blue, rather than purple and pink.McKenna says the company is doing everything she asked, including putting boys in the ads.

Hasbro says it's been working on the new color scheme for about 18 months. It says it could be on store shelves next summer.An online petition McKenna started got support from celebrity chefs, including Bobby Flay.

Is it just me or does this already exist? It was call Doctor Dreadful, but you got to bake candy spiders instead of cake. It sounds like this would sell, but I have a feeling some dad's would not want to buy this for their son.

Watch the Doctor Dreadful Commercial below: