Getting "Wonder Woman" on the big screen has been a near to impossible task over the past several years.  6 years ago, "The Avengers" director Joss Whedon was attached to the project to write and direct.  However, Whedon was still unproven as big-screen name, and rumored disputes with Warner Bros. (Whedon wanted to make a more serious comic book movie, but the studio wanted an updated version of the campy 1970s TV series) caused the project to be put on hold indefinitely.  There is renewed interest in the project, with director Nicolas Winding Refn reportedly in talks to pick up the project.  Refn has already said that "Mad Men" star Christina Hendricks is his first choice for the role of Wonder Woman if he picks up the project, but after the initial success of the new movie "Haywire", rumors are going around about a new actress being considered for the lead role.

MMA fighter and former American Gladiator Gina Carano has been receiving a good deal of attention for her work in the highly-praised new film "Haywire" (to be honest, her physicality is being praised more than her acting ability).  Carano has racked up an impressive kickboxing and MMA record, and its clearly looking like a future in Hollywood is in her sights.  According to her IMDB profile, she is already rumored to be part of the cast for the new Percy Jackson film, but she has her eyes set on the Amazon Princess,

"If they could do a superhero movie in a more realistic fashion where you could actually believe in it, I would be up for that. It could still be playful, but that's what I'm representing -- the fighting would be real. More than anything, I would want Wonder Woman to be believable, you know?"

As of right now, this is nothing more than a rumor, but a rumor that a lot of fans are taking interest in.  After failed attempts to get a Wonder Woman movie off the ground, and the Wonder Woman TV pilot that was so bad the network will not release it, fans are chomping at the bit for a Wonder Woman project to be done well.  Though Carano is inexperienced as an actress, her physicallity will more than make up for it in this type of role.  As long as she can make the audience believe this woman can hold her own against any man, all the studio has to do is surround her with good actors, like they did in "Haywire", and everything will balance out.

Again, this is just a rumor at this point.  Carano has just joined the list of actresses who have been considered for the role at one time or another.