About six months ago, Netflix was so beloved that people would've taken a bullet for them.  Now they're hemorrhaging subscribers and watching their stock price plummet.

Here's your guide to everything that's gone wrong with Netflix and what it means for you.

The Price "Doubled." Back in July, Netflix announced they were scrapping plans that allowed you to stream movies AND get DVDs in the mail.  You'd have to pay for both separately.  So now, instead of $10-a-month for both, it's at least $16.

Those changes went into effect this month.  Netflix recently admitted they're expecting to lose ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS over the price hike.

Qwikster? Netflix isn't just splitting up streaming movies and DVDs . . . they're actually making them separate COMPANIES.  The streaming service is still called Netflix . . . the DVD-by-mail service will be called Qwikster.

On the plus side, Qwikster will also start mailing you video games if you want 'em.

On the downside, Netflix didn't check to see if someone on Twitter already had the name Qwikster . . . and it turns out a guy named Jason Castillo already tweets under that name, mostly about REEFER.

On the other downside, it appears you'll have to set up a whole different account on Qwikster.  Like, you'll have to enter your credit card again AND set up your queue all over from scratch.  Which seems unnecessarily complex and inconvenient.

Losing Starz. A lot of the more recent movies available on Netflix streaming are there through a deal with the Starz network.  Netflix and Starz couldn't reach an agreement to renew the deal . . . which could really hurt the selection.