If it's the end of August then it must be time once again for one of the largest century bicycle rides in the country - the Hotter'n Hell Hundred!

Every year thousands of bicycle enthusiasts make their way to Wichita Falls to take on the 100 mile ride, and this year for the 31st annual Hotter'n Hell Hundred, its been reported that upwards of 14,000 riders are expected to fill Scott street from one end to the other for the ride on Saturday morning (8/25).

If you are out of town, or you just can't seem to drag yourself out of the house at 5am to watch the start of the ride, then we've got you covered. Just like last year, we will be streaming live video of the Hotter'n Hell starting line from atop the NIN scissor lift.

Not only will you get to experience the awesome aerial view of over 10,000 bicyclists all in one place, we'll also take you behind the scenes of the live NIN broadcast with Chris Callaway and Eric the Intern.

The live video broadcast will start at approximately 5:30 am (CDT) The United States Air Force Flyover will be at 7:03 am followed by the cannon blast and official start at 7:04 am.

Watch the video stream recorded live from the 31st annual Hotter'N Hell Hundred:

Part 1: (6:30 am - 6:34 am)

Part 2: (6:34 am - 7:26 am)

Part 3: (7:26 am - 7:42 am)