Do you remember that poor 15-year-old girl back in 2007 who couldn't get rid of her hiccups? She had a bout of them that lasted for 5 weeks! Her family sought help from numerous doctors before trying the media circuit, bringing on an influx of suggestions from thousands of people from all over the country, if not all over the world.

I remember watching this girl and thinking... man, that would really suck.

Well now, in 2011, Jennifer Mee is 19-years-old and finding herself in the spotlight once more. This time, it's for a much more serious reason.

She and her friends are being accused of murder.

Now 19, Mee is accused of meeting Shannon Griffin, 22, over the Internet and luring him to a home where he was robbed by her friends. Instead, Griffin was shot multiple times and killed.

Mee and her two friends have been arrested and charged with first-degree murder -- with Mee telling the Tampa Tribune that she is suffering from "the curse of the hiccups."

Yes, you read that right, folks. "The curse of the hiccups." I have to raise my hand up on this one and call hogwash. I really hope she doesn't plan on using this as a defense. Granted, she is indeed innocent until proven guilty, and I certainly don't have the facts of the case, but it sounds to me like she's going to blame her pitfalls for the rest of her life on a self-concocted theory. Or, to be fair, it may have been concocted by her and her friends while they sat around one night eating too much sugar.

Either way, I think I'd refrain from using that phrase with the media...