One of the funniest things to me at a sporting event is when the mascots "fight". Usually everyone agrees before hand that they play fight and the home team wins. No one gave these kids that memo.

The mascots for Louisville, Ky., high school basketball teams Manual High and Male High brawled on the court during a meeting between the two schools on Friday. The two — Manual’s Ram and Male’s Bulldog — were supposed to engage in a friendly “duel” at mid court during a break in the action, but it turned serious when the Ram tried to drop-kick the Bulldog.

The packed gym roared as the two fought it out on the floor before the game eventually resumed, but students of each respective school reportedly were in involved in fights in the parking lot after the game.

I am sure Ryder and Old High would love a little mascot fight next year at the game.

Watch the Mascot Brawl below: